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Foreplay Tips You Should Use

Foreplay Tips You Should Use

For a man, foreplay tips may be something that he feels he does not need, or he does not use them correctly.  For a man, achieving an orgasm is rarely a problem, but many men do not know how to help a woman achieve an orgasm. It is typically much more difficult for a woman to achieve orgasm.

That is a fact, and should not be taken by the man to be a detrimental statement about his own “sexual prowess“. An Athens escort or Athens escorts will fake an orgasm just so that the man does not start to doubt his own sexual abilities.

Many times a woman will fake an orgasm just so that her man does not start to doubt his own sexual abilities, but a man needs to be tune with this, as well as having frank, open, and honest discussions with his partner about this aspect, since making love was meant to be a tremendously enjoyable and satisfying experience for both partners, not just one.

One of the primary ways this can happen, and will also tend to heighten the experience for the man, is using foreplay tips. Foreplay, done correctly, will increase the anticipation level for both parties and make it much easier for both to thoroughly enjoy the experience and achieve the ultimate orgasm. Remember (and a lot of people, especially men, tend to forget this), sexual intercourse is only one phase of the whole process of making love.

That last point is a great one and deserves repeating. What’s the hurry? Is it something you “need to get done” so you can watch yet another Star Trek or Gilligan’s Island re-run?  Is making love just another task on your list of tasks for the day, which you were able to sandwich in between cleaning the garage and mowing the lawn? If so, I’m going to say this loud and clear so you don’t miss it – WRONG! Allocate some time to the process of making love. Use foreplay to raise the anticipation level and then don’t rush it. This is a marathon, not a 25 yard dash.

Learning a few very effective techniques for foreplay can pay off for you in spades and can take your love making to the next level. As a man, your partner probably has many labels for you, such as provider, bread-winner, top fix-it man, and more, and wouldn’t it be nice if she also used the label of “outstanding lover” as well?

Touching is a large part of effective foreplay. Prolong this as long as possible, since if done very gently, she will start to get hot and wet. Slow down! Men, this is a process. You can’t just touch her for 23 seconds and then whip it out and do it. Have enough respect for your partner to help her enjoy this! Slowly touch all over her body and legs, and touch lightly, sometimes just barely touching the fine body hairs. Believe me, she will still feel this, and your touch does not need to be done with a sledge hammer.

When you are in a relationship you should not behave to your partner like an Athens escort or Athens escorts.

Caress her hair and run your hands through it, slowly and gently. Hold her tight, look into her eyes and let her know that you love her. Women do not like to assume things, and when you verbalize those words, it affirms that fact.

Kissing her all over is a great turn-on for many women, although you may need to experiment to find out exactly where she likes to be kissed. On the ears and behind the ears is great for some women, where other woman find it a great turn-on to have you kiss her fingers and toes. Yes really!

Don’t move to the vulva too early. Maybe let your hand drift over it a few times as well as touching the inner thigh, which will be just a “hint” of what is coming, but do not focus in these areas until you are well into foreplay. Kiss her breasts and gently suck on her nipples which many women find to be a superb turn-on.

If you take the time to understand what happens and see the results of the foreplay tips that you put into practice, it can bring your love making to the next level, making it extremely enjoyable and satisfying for both of you.

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Top Fashion Apparel Brands In The World

  1. Christian Dior SA – 

Christian Dior SA is a Luxury French Brand that designs ready-to-wear apparel, jewelry, leather goods, footwear, fragrances, make-up, and timepieces.  The brand was developed and founded in the year 1946 by a French designer Christain Dior.


  1. Nike –

Nike is a Multinational American Company founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Nike started of a manufacturer or sports shoes and other equipment and went on to become the best in the market. Later, Nike diversified into the Apparel space and consequently became the top apparel brand of 2016.


  1. H&M –

H&M is Sweden’s pride. It is a multinational retail-clothing company. It is popular amongst those who are fashion-forward across age groups. The brand was founded in the year 1947 by Erling Persson in 1947 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


  1. Zara –

Zara is a brand with a lot of reputation in the fashion retail industry. It is a Spanish multinational, that is involved in the sale of clothing and accessories. The parent company of Zara is the Inditex Group. Zara came into existence in the year 1974 after Amancio Ortega, RosalíaMera founded it. It is headquartered in Arteixo, Spain.


  1. Adidas –

Adidas is yet another world-famous sports apparel and accessories retail chain. Adidas is a German multinational corporation and one of the largest in the industry across the globe. Adolf Dassler founded the company in the year 1949. It is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


  1. GAP –

Gap was founded by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher in the year 1969 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. One lesser known fact about Gap is the secret behind its name. The founders’ named the company gap to symbolize the generation gap of the time as the company was proposing to be recognized as a young brand. Today, Gap is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world.


  1. Kering –

Kering, as many may know, is the parent company of many big brands like Gucci, Volcom, Puma, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent Paris, and other sports, luxury, sport & lifestyle brands. The company was founded in the year 1963. It is headquartered in Paris.


  1. Ralph Lauren –

Who doesn’t recognize “The” Ralph Lauren? It is one of the leading apparel brands that offers apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.  Brands such as Lauren, Polo, Chaps and Club Monaco are a part of Ralph Lauren. The company was founded by designer Ralph Lauren, in the year 1967. It is headquartered in New York, USA.


  1. Hermes –

Hermes is a French Luxury fashion manufacturer that specializes in leather, home furnishings, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, watches, etc. The brand is famous for its designer scarfs and Cravats. It was founded by  Thierry Hermès in the year 1938 and is headquartered in Paris.

How to Vent a Basement Shower

How to Vent a Basement Shower

A shower in a basement must be vented to prevent gas smells and other odours from coming in through the drain. Venting is also needed to remove excess moisture that can lead to mould from collecting in the shower.

A basement shower can be vented by first determining how the existing vent pipes are connected in the bathroom. You can then route a new vent pipe to the drain pipe for the shower. First, you’ll need to locate the vent pipe running from a toilet or sink in the wall and up through the ceiling. Professional plumbers (υδραυλικοί) could give you really helpful advice!

Cut out a section of vent pipe, using a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw. Glue the ends of the tee fitting with PVC glue and attach it to the vent pipe. The tee fitting is the piece of 90-degree pipe that has three connections.

Cut out a section of drain pipe and attach another tee fitting.

Run a PVC pipe from the tee valve to the tee fitting. Glue the ends of the pipe with PVC glue and attach them to the tee fittings.

Attach a small section of PVC pipe to the tee fitting on the drain pipe and run it to the location of the shower drain.

Attach a P-trap to the end of the PVC pipe for the shower drain to complete the vent for the basement shower. The P-trap is the U-shaped piece of pipe.

How to Install a Basement Shower

One of the best returns on your basement remodelling dollar is the installation of bathroom features. A basement shower will raise your home’s value and provide a handy amenity. Due to the sub-grade environment, however, you will have to take precautions regarding water damage when you install your shower.

Locate the drain that was installed when the concrete for your basement was poured. This is a pipe that sticks out of the floor, often with only sand surrounding it. Your drainage will run into this pipe. Although you may locate the shower anywhere in the basement, most people find it easier to place the shower close to the drain.

Locate and design your basement shower so that it will be easily accessible.

Break out a section of flooring where you want to install the shower plumbing. When the basement contractors poured the concrete, they reinforced it with rebar or mesh. Remove this reinforcement to provide space beneath the shower drain to install the trap.

Ventilate your shower drain into your home’s outside vent stack if possible. If it is inaccessible, purchase and install an auto-vent for the trap that uses a rubber flapper to promote smooth drainage. Without proper shower plumbing, your drain may overflow, resulting in water damage.

Frame in the support structure for your shower. If you use a fibreglass shower enclosure, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for constructing the frame. Install the plumbing for your water source in an interior wall in order to place an access panel in the adjoining room for easy access.

Consider any future remodelling plans you may have for your basement when placing the panel. Insert and secure the fibreglass enclosure panels and double-check your shower plumbing by running water into the drain and observing any leaks. Address all leaks before proceeding, or you may experience water damage later.

Attach faucets and a shower head. Finish your new basement shower with a curtain or an attached shower door, both for privacy and to prevent water damage.

If you are thinking of remodelling the basement at home, a new bathroom there is a great idea. Finishing or upgrading the basement into a living space continues to be a popular alternative now. A basement shower will be a very handy and useful amenity especially if your family members are increasing.

You will be able to recoup the costs of your basement in the future since you’re home’s value increases with this added feature. There are some precautions to make since basement bathroom plumbing should be properly and carefully done to prevent water damage.

Materials you will need DIY

If you’re doing this yourself, you will need to prepare all the materials beforehand and plan the basement bathroom carefully according to your present specifications while considering possible expansions in the future.

• Find the location of the drain that the contractors installed. This is a pipe that will be sticking out of the floor semi-above the concrete flooring. That is the drainage pipe and it would be easier to construct your shower there.
• Start to break out the area where you plan to install the basement bathroom plumbing system of your shower. The flooring is reinforced by mesh or rebar so you will have to remove that in order to have a space beneath the drain.
• The shower drain should open up to the outside vent stack. If this outside vent is impossible to access, use an auto-vent with rubber flapper for smooth draining of the trapped water.
• Frame the support structure according to the desired size of the bathroom. The water source should be installed in an interior wall so it will be easy to install an access panel in an adjoining room for future expansion.
• If you’re using fibreglass enclosure panels, secure these in place and then check your basement bathroom plumbing for possible leaks.
• Install the faucets and the shower-head. Place the shower curtain or a door for privacy.

Whatever you decide to do at your home you should always ask for a professional opinion, which only handymen can give you.


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Seven Most Iconic Fashion Trends Ever

  1. Burberry Trenchcoat –

The Burberry Trenchcoat was an attire that was famously worn by British Officers during the World War One. The Trenchcoat was initially designed to offer protection to military officers against the terrible weather in the region. It was then called the Tielocken.  The D-shaped belt ring was used for the purpose of attaching any small items that could be used in the mission, for example; Maps. Owing to it’s comfortable and resourceful nature, it was later on manufactured to suit the requirements of the masses.

  1. YSL Smoking Jacket –

The year 1996 was the year in which the Smoking Tuxedo was launched into the markets, and this was a turning point in the fashion industry as it was one of the first attires to blur gender lines. This jacket could be worn by both men and women. It changed the perception of women wearing, and it made it socially acceptable for women to do so in public.

  1. DVF Wrap Dress –

This dress was the ultimate symbol of a woman’s fiery sexuality which was till the launch of this clothing a subject of taboo. Wearing this attire was considered sexually liberating as stated by one of the top fashion houses in the world, Vogue. This dress was simple, classic, versatile, comfortable, and also slimming.

  1. Fendi baguette bag –

The Fendi baguette bag initially shot to fame in the T.V series named “Sex and the City.” Soon after the instant hit of the show, the bag too rose to fame and went on to become one of the It-bags of the region. The bag went on to last a long time as one of the top brands.

  1. Levi’s 501 Jean –

Levi’s was and still is one of the most trusted denim fashion brands. The brand’s reputation shot to fame specifically after the release of their new jean “501”. What added to its popularity was the various celebrity endorsements and commercials that accompanied it. This jean made many style statements. The jeans give off the “Cool kid in town” vibe. It was almost a sign of rebellion if you sported a Levi’s 501.


  1. Red-Sole Louboutin shoes –

These shoes became an instant hit and remained forever in the memories of all those who adore fashion due to its unique red-sole. It became so popular that the red-sole had to be trademarked. So much so that till date no other fashion house has the permission to manufacture shoes whose soles are painted red.

  1. Little Black Dress –

The ever so famous Little Black Dress is not only a favorite but also a staple in most women’s wardrobes. The LBD was first designed by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1920’s.  This was a landmark dress in a period of social conservatism particularly pertaining to women. It was and still is a symbol of liberation and individualism of women. It symbolizes confidence, sexiness, and sophistication all at once.