Foreplay Tips You Should Use

For a man, foreplay tips may be something that he feels he does not need, or he does not use them correctly.  For a man, achieving an orgasm is rarely a problem, but many men do not know how to help a woman achieve an orgasm. It is typically much more difficult for a woman to achieve orgasm.

That is a fact, and should not be taken by the man to be a detrimental statement about his own “sexual prowess“. An Athens escort or Athens escorts will fake an orgasm just so that the man does not start to doubt his own sexual abilities.

Many times a woman will fake an orgasm just so that her man does not start to doubt his own sexual abilities, but a man needs to be tune with this, as well as having frank, open, and honest discussions with his partner about this aspect, since making love was meant to be a tremendously enjoyable and satisfying experience for both partners, not just one.

One of the primary ways this can happen, and will also tend to heighten the experience for the man, is using foreplay tips. Foreplay, done correctly, will increase the anticipation level for both parties and make it much easier for both to thoroughly enjoy the experience and achieve the ultimate orgasm. Remember (and a lot of people, especially men, tend to forget this), sexual intercourse is only one phase of the whole process of making love.

That last point is a great one and deserves repeating. What’s the hurry? Is it something you “need to get done” so you can watch yet another Star Trek or Gilligan’s Island re-run?  Is making love just another task on your list of tasks for the day, which you were able to sandwich in between cleaning the garage and mowing the lawn? If so, I’m going to say this loud and clear so you don’t miss it – WRONG! Allocate some time to the process of making love. Use foreplay to raise the anticipation level and then don’t rush it. This is a marathon, not a 25 yard dash.

Learning a few very effective techniques for foreplay can pay off for you in spades and can take your love making to the next level. As a man, your partner probably has many labels for you, such as provider, bread-winner, top fix-it man, and more, and wouldn’t it be nice if she also used the label of “outstanding lover” as well?

Touching is a large part of effective foreplay. Prolong this as long as possible, since if done very gently, she will start to get hot and wet. Slow down! Men, this is a process. You can’t just touch her for 23 seconds and then whip it out and do it. Have enough respect for your partner to help her enjoy this! Slowly touch all over her body and legs, and touch lightly, sometimes just barely touching the fine body hairs. Believe me, she will still feel this, and your touch does not need to be done with a sledge hammer.

When you are in a relationship you should not behave to your partner like an Athens escort or Athens escorts.

Caress her hair and run your hands through it, slowly and gently. Hold her tight, look into her eyes and let her know that you love her. Women do not like to assume things, and when you verbalize those words, it affirms that fact.

Kissing her all over is a great turn-on for many women, although you may need to experiment to find out exactly where she likes to be kissed. On the ears and behind the ears is great for some women, where other woman find it a great turn-on to have you kiss her fingers and toes. Yes really!

Don’t move to the vulva too early. Maybe let your hand drift over it a few times as well as touching the inner thigh, which will be just a “hint” of what is coming, but do not focus in these areas until you are well into foreplay. Kiss her breasts and gently suck on her nipples which many women find to be a superb turn-on.

If you take the time to understand what happens and see the results of the foreplay tips that you put into practice, it can bring your love making to the next level, making it extremely enjoyable and satisfying for both of you.

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