It must be great news for Apple that the company seems to be successful in the sales of their new device, iPhone 6, due to the fact that many of the iPhone 6 fans looked so enthusiastic to be the first to get the new flagship phone. The interesting part of the news is that the fans even could not wait until the official release of the phone.

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The “Apple Campers” for iPhone 6 fans

It is reported recently that the “Apple Campers” was summoned to some Apple Stores across the US for the iPhone 6 fans. One of the venues, as reported, was the popular 5th Avenue Store in NY. Regardless the possibility that they would be disappointed to not be able to get their hands to the new device because of the production issues, it is obvious that the fans were enthusiastic enough. However, it is quite sad to see some fans that set up their camps.

Of course, it would be wise enough for the iPhone 6 fans to choose whether or not they need to set up the camp especially when they had been informed about the issues faced by Apple. It is important to inform that two persons had accepted more than $1200 to give up their first place in the line to the Apple Store. This was unexpected for sure.

Well, regardless the issues that Apple faces to successfully promoting and selling their new product to the iPhone 6 fans in the world, it is safe enough to state that the company is successful in attracting people to follow the news, rumors, as well as official information about the new product. You can keep following any updates about iPhone 6 by visiting our website regularly. Thank you for visiting us and please check other posts we provide.

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